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The surge in interest towards purchasing branded title cars can be attributed solely to increased awareness and education.

Car buyers have become increasingly knowledgeable about branded titles and the exceptional value and safety they offer compared to the past. What's behind this newfound savvy in car purchasing? It could be the expanding media attention highlighting the benefits of branded title cars, or perhaps it's the countless individuals driving these cars who enthusiastically share their love for their Eagle Valley Motors branded title vehicles.

Branded Due to Collision

Branded Due To Flood

Branded Due to Hail

Branded Due To Theft

Certified Purchasers

Setting the benchmark for top-tier quality and value in branded title cars and trucks, our success lies in our exceptional team of Certified Buyers. These individuals are esteemed evaluators within the realm of branded title vehicles globally. Our primary responsibility involves traversing the United States, meticulously assessing entire inventories of branded title cars and trucks, meticulously seeking out the finest options for subsequent shipment to Eagle Valley Motors. There, vehicles undergo a comprehensive reconditioning and rebuilding process, culminating in our renowned 151-Point inspection of the entire vehicle. Our Certified Buyers maintain exacting standards, with it not uncommon for them to reject up to 90% of the vehicles they inspect on certain days. Eagle Valley Motors is dedicated to providing you and your family with a vehicle that offers enjoyment and reliability for years to come.